Today’s ‘Live Better With Willie Jolley’ tip: The Power Of Words Pt. 2

Most people do not have to wait for others to talk them out of their possibilities- they will do it themselves! They use words that limit their scope and abilities.

I previously shared with you a study that had shown that people who spoke negatively about themselves performed worse on tests than those who spoke well about themselves positively. The results were reverse when different scripts were given to each group.

Here is a poem about the power of words that speaks volumes.

Did is a word of achievement

Won’t is a word of retreat

Might is a word of bereavement

Can’t is a word of defeat

Ought is a word of duty

Try is a word of the hour

Will is a word of beauty and can is a word of power!

Use words that inspire and empower you, rather than words that deflate you. Speak positively about your life and you’ll be amazed by the results!

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