Today’s ‘Live Better With Willie Jolley’ tip: The Power Of Words

Your success, or lack thereof, can often be traced directly back to the words you speak in your daily conversations. If you want greater success, you must learn to speak using words empower you, rather than words that deflate you. Your words literally impact the power you have- physically and mentally.

In psychological studies, tests have proven that people who have said they were sick, dumb and inept tended to behave that way. This happened more often than people in the other test group, of the same demographic, but spoke about themselves in ways that were empowering. The test group that spoke of themselves as capable, strong and worthy performed far better than those who spoke of themselves in a negative light.

The most interesting part of the study was when the two groups were switched (at a later date) and given scripts that were opposite than the first ones. Those who had been strong, now spoke of themselves as weak and the ones who had performed poorly, now spoke of themselves as being strong. This time the results in the performance tests were the exact opposite. Folks, watch your words because they give you power!

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