Today’s ‘Live Better With Willie Jolley’ tip: How To Get Through The Tough Times In Your Life

In the book ‘The Road Less Traveled’, the first line sums up life: “Life is difficult- period.” It has ups and downs and twists and turns that we could never- predict even in our wildest dreams. Sometimes those twists and turns can be downright unbearable. Yet sometimes we cannot change what happens to us. We must change how we respond to the challenges of life.

I encourage you today to decide that you are going to respond rather than react the challenges of life. To react is negative, but to respond is positive, and it is your choice.

If you took a friend to the doctor and the doctor gave him or her medication, then told you that they had a reaction to it, you’d think it was negative. But if the doctor told you your friend responded to the medication, you’d think it was positive.

Decide today to respond rather than react and you will see you have a greater control over life’s challenges.

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