Today’s Live Better With Willie Jolley tip:
How To Grow Your Success
Grow you success by focusing on your dreams! As I travel around the country speaking, there is one point I cannot stress enough: The importance of taking time to dream. In reviewing the lives of those who have made invaluable contributions to our society, one common element consistently comes up. They all understood the power of dreams. From Martin Luther King, Jr., to Walt Disney, to Thomas Edison to Albert Einstein. The list goes on and on and on. Dreams are the seeds for success.

If you take a corn seed, plant it and water it daily, it will grow into a cornstalk. If you take an acorn, plant it and water it daily, it will grow into an oak tree. The same is true for your dreams. If you can conceive the dream in your mind, plant it in your heart, and water it daily. It too will grow. How do you water it? You water it by saying daily, ”I believe I can. I believe I can. In fact, I know can.” Plant your dream deep, water it daily, and don’t let the weeds of doubt choke it, and your dream can and will become a reality.

Victor Hugo said, ”An idea whose time has come cannot be denied!” Get ready, set, go! Let’s start to dream! And let’s start to live life to the fullest! .

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