Willie Jolley on WUSA 9

Willie Jolley’s on WUSA 9!!

I am excited to announce that my new television segment that premieres on WUSA 9 Monday August 3, 2009!

WUSA 9, a CBS affiliate, will be airing my daily one-minute motivational messages, titled Living Better With Willie Jolley. The show airs weekly in the Washington DC/Maryland/Virginia area, Monday though Friday at 6:10 a.m. *Check your local listings for more details.

Read below for a sneak peak of the first installment that will air this coming Monday!

Living Better With Willie Jolley Daily Message

Hi this is Willie Jolley and today I want to share a simple idea to help you have greater success and live better. One of the keys to having a successful life is a positive outlook and a positive in-look. It’s a simple technique for jump-starting your attitude each and every day and is something that you learned in kindergarten. It is to say “Good Morning!” It sounds so simple, but it is so effective. Say “Good Morning” to 10 people every morning. Most times, they will say nothing back. Or grunt or say, “What’s good about it?”

But don’t stop saying it to people you meet along your way. The reason why it matters is because you are not saying for them. You are saying for you! Your words have power and the more you speak something in your life, the more it becomes reality. If you speak it enough, you will be on your way to a good morning. If you have a good morning, you will be on your way to a good afternoon, and then a good evening.

Repeat that process seven times and you have had a good week, and repeat that week 4 times and you have had a good month, and repeat that month 12 times and you have had a good year. I started doing this many years ago and I have found that every year gets better because I simple start my day by saying “Good Morning!” So folks, Good Morning!

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