Howard University Television To Re-Air “Turning Setbacks Into Comebacks With Willie Jolley"

Check out this latest press release about my new Public Television special!

Back by popular demand, WHUT will be re-airing American Public TV’s powerful special, “Turning Setbacks into Comebacks with Willie Jolley”, featuring award-winning speaker and best-selling author, Willie Jolley. Special to re-air March 28th.

PRLog (Press Release) – Mar 25, 2009 – In a time of high fear and anxiety, financial loss, historic unemployment rates, foreclosures and business failures … when everyone is concerned about the economy, the message of International best-selling author, speaker and “Comeback” coach, Willie Jolley…‘How To Turn Setbacks Into Comebacks’ is the absolute perfect message for these dire times!

Day in and day out, we hear the gloom and doom and dire forecast and the impact is overwhelming with some people even resorting to drastic actions like suicide. In response to this crisis, American Public TV has created a powerful special, featuring award winning speaker and best selling author, Willie Jolley. In his captivating style Willie Jolley shares his message of hope with humorous insights and with profound stories and anecdotes. He is the author of the best selling book, A Setback Is A Setup For A Comeback, and has developed a reputation for helping people turn their setbacks into comebacks.

Due to overwhelming viewer requests of the March 22nd Washington, DC debut, WHUT (Howard University Television), will re-air “Turning Setbacks Into Comebacks With Willie Jolley” on Saturday, March 28th. Air times are 4pm and 10:30 pm. You will be inspired, informed and entertained by one of the “Best In The Business!”

In this one-hour special Willie Jolley shares specific T.I.P.S. (Techniques, Ideas, Principles and Strategies) for reducing the trial and error on the road to success and overcoming life’s most difficult challenges. He shares his innovative VDAD Formula (Vision-Decision-Action-Desire) as well as his personal story of being fired and using these techniques to help him build a very successful business.

Below is a link Detroit Public Television is sending to its affiliates and media to promote the Special. Please feel free to pass it along. It is very impressive!

“Turning Setbacks into Comebacks with Willie Jolley”

Other cities that have aired the new Special:

New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Washington DC, Detroit, Tampa, Seattle, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Charlotte, Milwaukee, Grand Rapids, Norfolk, Albuquerque, Macon, Little Rock, Savannah, Chattanooga, Bismarck, Jacksonville, Providence, Augusta, Salisbury, Albany, Jonesboro, Rock Island, Minot

*Willie Jolley is an award-winning speaker and national media personality. He was named “One of the Outstanding Five Speakers in the World,” by Toastmasters International and was the recipient of the CPAE/Speakers Hall of Fame for speaking excellence. He is the host of “The Willie Jolley Radio Show” on the XM Radio Network and also hosts a daily syndicated radio feature called “The Willie Jolley Motivational Minute!”

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Willie Jolley is a celebrity motivational speaker, best-selling author and singer. Willie delivers great information via his highly energetic, entertaining and uplifting presentations!

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