A Call To Action- Step One & Two!

Greetings! I am finally up and going on my blog and I will posting articles and information here to help you go, and grow, to the next level and to help you to live your dreams! I am planning to regularly add posts to this bog, so please visit regularly and share with friends and family! Today I will share a piece from a recent column that I wrote that I think will be of interest to you.

A Call to Action- Step-One: A-S-K!

In order to make your dreams come true, many times you will need assistance! You need help from someone else! Often, the person who can help is not far away. In fact, that person is within your grasp! But many of us never ask for help. Our fear of rejection and mistaken pride, cause us to refuse to ask for help.

Think about our high school prom. Often it’s the prom queen who goes to the prom alone! At the last moment, it’s the class bookworm who asks; and she goes to the prom with him!

Why? The other guys were afraid to ask. They assumed she had many invitations and would certainly reject them!

The smart bookworm felt he had absolutely nothing to lose, so he asked! He asked and she said yes, because no one else asked! He became the “big man on campus,” not only because he escorted the beauty queen, but also because he had the guts to ask!

If you want something out of life, you must be willing to “A-S-K.” Have faith, believe in yourself, and then be willing to act on that belief. Ask and you shall receive! Seek and you shall find! If you want to “G-E-T,” then you must “A-S-K!”

And remember, all things are possible if you can just believe!

Step Two:
Work Hard, Work Smart, Trust God!

We’ve talked about hard work; the need to be diligent and persistence in pursuit of our goals. We don’t rely on luck! My definition of luck is, when opportunity meets preparation! Success comes from hard work.

But it is also very important to work smart! Think about what you’re going to do. Write out your plan. And get organized so you can maximize the benefits that come from your efforts!

But remember, the most important ingredient is to trust God! Even when you feel you’re prepared and ready for success, life will throw you curves, knock you down, disrupt, distract, and throw you off track. Just keep in mind; if God is for you, He is greater than the whole world against you! With faith, deep-rooted faith, it becomes impossible to fail!

One philosopher said, “Pray, like it all depended on God, and Work, like it all depended on you!” Work Hard, Work Smart and Trust God!

Be Blessed,

Willie Jolley

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