I spoke to a banking group today about “customer relations.” I realized most of the employees understood customer service with their head but not their heart!

Faced with difficult customers, shrinking market share and increased competition, some of the employees wondered aloud, “what I could do to bring in more business, when basically all banks are the same?”

My answer to this group was ” you’re right, all banks have the same things – ATM machines, nice lobbies, and teller windows. But want makes the difference is YOU!”… The People make the difference!

The employee creates the emotional experience that causes their customer to come back again and again.

So… what experiences have you had with your bank that encourages you to stay? Tell us your story in 250 words or less.

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  1. Mr. Willie Jolley, I have a few times quoted you on the Ryze Black Business Network. I think they need to meet and hear the man him self! I would like to invite you myself to Ryze, so they can get it from the horses mouth so to speak. Hear is my e-mail address>.. gherious@bigplanet.com
    I would love to hear from you on this matter, even if you are a member!?
    Yours In Business
    Glenn Herious

  2. I know what you mean. I’m going to train a huge financial institution on customer service and professionalism. I’m finding out that people don’t realize the impact of 1 (themselves).

    Charles Cary

  3. You are an amazing energic speaker with a dynamic personality. God has given you a gift to uplift others–you have used it well. If only our teachers had realized back then what rare gem you would become.


  4. First, Glory to God for your well-deserved success. Personally, I appreciate a respectful, caring tone and genuine interest from bank employees.

  5. My grandmother wanted two dollar bills as gifts to give out at Christmas. I went to the bank on Christmas Eve to pick them up and they were out! The friendly lady at the bank called the bank across town and asked if they would go into the vault to get me ten two-dollar bills for my grandmother. This was a small gesture but it meant so much to my grandmother to be able to give out her bills as she does every Christmas. BTW- I bank at First Volunteer Bank in Tennessee. They boast that they are the friendliest bank in town. I agree!

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